Being Fit Fitness Centers

“I started at Being Fit a few years ago. I started with the Silver Sneakers classes to try to get back into shape. I had been in the hospital for 2 days with A-fib, an irregular heartbeat. For some reason I ended up losing a lot of strength. So I began using 2 lb weights & the easy stretch bands. As I gained strength, I used heaver equipment. I started noticing I could do things I used to do, like catching myself if I started to trip. I could lift heavier objects in the kitchen. Being around nice people, who joke sometimes & care if you have a problem is good for everyone. I read that all the time. The group at this gym is great because it’s like a family of people, not showy people but down to earth kind of folks. I love the SilverSneakers classes & also the regular yoga, too. Even though it’s a smaller gym, the teachers are great. I have fun getting into better shape & also learning to relax in yoga. The social aspect is nice, too.”
Helen C.
“This year I’ve seen so many positive changes in my body and my health is finally stable. Thanks for all the support I’m getting at the gym! A big thanks to the trainers for making it fun, strict, and for challenging me!”
Carmen G.
“I am very impressed with the Being Fit personal training group program. I started out with the Personal Training Experience, and after one month the results were so good that I signed up for the year. After two months my posture significantly changed – I’m standing up straight, my shoulders are back, and my head no longer droops forward. I’m in my fourth month now, and I keep getting stronger. Something I never expected: I’m sleeping more soundly, and my moods are more even. I just plain feel better! One more surprise: I desire less sweets and junk food. Working out on my own did not produce these results. The trainers are friendly, alert, and know what they are doing. The program pushes me, but I do not feel stressed or over worked. It’s safe, balanced, and geared to my level. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be stronger and feel better.”
Robert S.
“I have never been so happy/comfortable in a gym, and I am so glad I have found a place to call “home”. 🙂 Now I am just nervous about being away from the gym for two weeks while on vacation when I have just started to feel and enjoy the results!”
Melissa R.
“I love the Group Training at Being-Fit in Mira Mesa. All of the trainers are fun and encouraging. After doing the first trial month, I was convinced that this was the best way for me to reach my goals of losing fat and gaining muscle strength. I then decided to join the group training program for a year. In a couple months, I have found that I can do things strength-wise that I could never have imagined doing and have lost almost an inch and a half of body fat overall. The training sessions are different every time, which keeps your body and your mind on its toes. I love the challenge and feel bathed in endorphins the rest of the day. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their life.”
Myra M.
“Just do it! It’s fun and very rewarding. I did the 30 Day Personal Training Experience and have nothing, but positive results from the program! Great coaches who will work with you wherever you might be with health and limitation issues. Just do it! If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Sound mind, sound body–work it, Baby!”
Graciella Q.
“I pride myself for taking the initial step entering your facility leaving behind all the excuses about why I shouldn’t enter your facility. I’m so glad I did. You have given me the ability to fulfill a healthier lifestyle. But most of all, I admire and am inspired by the full range of gym members, we all are on the same goal which keeps me going and to excel to a better me. Your facility might be small in comparison to larger gyms, but it is powerful in dedication to the well being of all its members. Thank you so much Tommie and staff, I’m blessed you came into my life.”
Ann S.
” Since mid-August, I have tried three forms of the Personal Training Programs at Being Fit Mira Mesa, including the Semi-Private Training, Team Training, and Program Design Membership. I have lost 5 pounds since then and have an increased overall sense of well-being. The Semi-Private and Team Training work outs were nicely structured by stations with a boot camp feel and provided a solid workout. The trainers were friendly and had good energy. I liked how the Semi-Private training allowed for more individualized attention and opportunities to receive modifications from the trainers as needed. The nice thing about the Team Training work outs were that they were drop-in based, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling. In the end, I found Program Design Membership to best fit my needs. Program Design Membership is where you meet with a trainer individually once a month to learn a workout routine that you can do at your own schedule. For several years, consistency in my diet and exercise has been a huge challenge for me. Back in August, I was feeling particularly discouraged and knew I needed someone to help me get back and stay on track. Through Program Design Membership, I feel like I have a support system in my trainer, Tommie – she is someone I can look to for accountability, encouragement, direction, and help and support in general. I feel like she is a caring person who is passionate about her role as a trainer and has tried to help me the best way she knows how. And thanks to Tommie’s help, not only have I lost 5 pounds, but I have also been more consistent with getting in my workouts, have increased energy, and just generally feel more at ease, hopeful, and in control with managing my diet and exercise. If you’re like me and feel like you need someone to help you with your fitness goals, I highly recommend you reach out and meet up with Tommie. Both the trainers (i.e. Tommie) and the front-desk people (i.e. Todd) at Being Fit Mira Mesa are very approachable and nice. They do a great job of letting you know of the different program options available without any pressure. Best of wishes to reaching your fitness goals, and like me, I hope you find the right support system for your fitness journey.”
Angela L.
“I’ve been a member of Being Fit for many years. I love this gym because it is comfortable, not pretentious; affordable; clean; the staff is helpful and pleasant and now I’ve fallen head over heels for the Team Training program. In the past, I have attended classes (but spent more time trying to be coordinated), used personal trainers they contracted with, and spent time on my own in workouts (good selection of weight machines and other fitness accessories, like balls and bands). A year ago, I was in a physical “slump” having become “too busy” with work and kids to stay in shape. A little weight gain combined with muscle loss and menopause, sent me back to the gym trying to workout a couple times a week, treadmill, a few weights and classes. Becoming frustrated at my slow progress and little change in my body, I decided to join the Team Training. This last year, working with the trainers and attending classes, I am in better physical shape than I’ve been in ever! I notice it when I lift a suitcase or groceries or even opening a jar of pickles! I feel strong. Clothes I was going to give away, I can wear again. I don’t feel the seatbelt pushing on me uncomfortably and I’m happier when I wear sleeveless outfits (which I quit wearing). Going to the gym 3 times a week, attending a personal training session and the group sessions has improved my muscle mass and reduced my “pudge”, as my daughter calls it. I can’t say enough great things about Tommie, Kash, and Catherine…they are dedicated, professional, energetic, skilled in dietary changes and exercise, and very nice people. I go to this gym to workout and all the staff at Being Fit make the environment one in which I can accomplish that goal. I go to the pool or beach to swim, I go to the spa for a steam room or sauna, I go to Being Fit to improve my fitness level. If you are seriously committed to changing your body and fitness level, the Team Training program will get you there. As a nurse, I tell clients that before they spend money on Weight Watchers, Medifast, or the latest diet pill/fad, they will get guaranteed results with a program like Team Training. Tommie, thank you for your vision and commitment to this gym.”
Stacey R.