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Classes For Active Seniors In Mira Mesa

As you age, it’s more important than ever to maintain muscle and bone strength and mobility – and Being Fit Fitness Centers is here to help you maintain and achieve your fitness goals!

We offer several discounted fitness classes tailored to active seniors, from Silver and Fit and Silver Sneakers to Pilates and Gentle Yoga. All of our classes are taught by specially trained and certified instructors, and are designed to help seniors stay fit and healthy. Each class focuses on improving muscle strength, range of movement, and cardiovascular health; they are also a fantastic way to meet new people in the Mira Mesa area.

We are a participating location for

SilverSneakers® is a fitness program that makes staying active easier than ever for adults ages 65+. The program is included with many Medicare Advantage Plans, and membership includes access to a variety of group fitness classes and other amenities at participating gyms.

If you are enrolled in an AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you can take advantage of a variety of health and wellness resources at participating gyms – including discounted gym memberships, various community programs, and access to group classes.

Renew Active is a fitness program designed with active seniors in mind, and can be tailored to your individual wellness and health goals. Membership provides access to a wide variety of group fitness classes, online brain exercises, fitness equipment, and other amenities at hundreds of fitness locations throughout the U.S. These benefits are available at no additional cost to those enrolled in eligible UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans.

The Silver & Fit exercise program is designed specifically for older adults, and provides access to a variety of fitness facilities – from national chains to smaller community clubs. Other perks include home fitness programs, a rewards program, and a vast library of online classes. Silver & Fit is available to eligible Medicare Advantage/ Supplement members.

Recommended Group Fitness Classes for Seniors

SilverSneakers Classes

Have fun and move with the music through a variety of exercises that are designed to increase muscle strength and range of movement for daily living. Handheld weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball are all available for added resistance.

A chair can be used for seated and/or standing support. The SilverSneakers Classic class focuses on strengthening balance, coordination, agility, and speed with the help of resistance tools and weights.

*If you have an insurance plan, your insurance will notify you if you’re eligible to become a member of a gym that accepts Silver Sneakers.

SilverSneakers Yoga Classes

SilverSneakers Yoga classes offer a variety of stretching exercises in both seated and standing positions. The positions involve stretching and reaching your limbs and gently bending your body into easy to reach positions that are designed to target specific muscle groups and joints within the body.

The yoga positions are designed with SilverSneakers participants’ needs in mind, and are easy to perform no matter your fitness level!

Zumba Gold Classes

Zumba Gold is perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination. The class focuses on all elements of fitness, including cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility, and balance.

Pilates Classes

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, this efficient, gentle training method involves a series of exercises that teach you how to activate and coordinate several muscle groups at once — starting with your core. While some classes incorporate equipment, like a reformer machine, many of the movements can be done on a mat.

Pilates exercises help to build overall strength, stability, and coordination, and many see improvements in their core strength by doing just 10 to 15 minutes of dedicated practice per day!

Gentle Yoga Classes

The slower pace of Gentle Yoga makes it the perfect choice for those wanting a less strenuous approach to yoga. These relaxing classes incorporate deep breathing and stretching, and are incredibly therapeutic for both mind and body.

Soothing music, breathing exercises, rejuvenating postures, and deep relaxation combine for a full-body refresh. Whether it’s your first class or you’re an experienced senior yogi, Gentle Yoga is a rejuvenating, restorative experience.